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Touching the Digital Realm: Actronika's Skinetic Haptic Vest Brings Over 200 Virtual Sensations to Life at Laval Virtual
The XR community is eagerly awaiting the presentation of the latest advances in immersive technology. Among the innovators is Actronika, the French company, which will be presenting the haptic vest Skinetic at the 26th edition of Laval Virtual. Skinetic promises to redefine the boundaries of digital experiences by allowing physical interaction with virtual environments.
March 26, 2024
LEAP 2024: Actronika’s haptic technology reshaping the future of immersive experiences
The world is gearing up for the next edition of one of the world's leading technology events: LEAP. Opening its doors next March 4-7 in Riyadh, companies, investors, start-ups and tech enthusiasts from around the world will gather to discover the technologies that will reinvent tomorrow's world. Among the exhibitors will be Actronika, a French startup specialized in haptics that will be presenting the award-winning Skinetic vest, Unitouch Studio software and the different use cases across industries.
February 28, 2024
Presence - Horizon: The European project that brings hyperrealistic digital interactions a reality through immersive technologies.
Actronika, a startup specializing in high-definition haptics, is one of the members bringing to life the new project funded by the European Commission within the Horizon Europe program, PRESENCE. This project aims to bring to life hyperrealistic human interactions in XR-based environments.
February 6, 2024
Actronika X dArt: Reinventing digital art through the sense of touch
The innovative art incubator dArt (dArt.nyc) has combined the creative creations of artist MaxiCohen and Skinetic's high-definition haptics with innovative real-time EEG technology and MR headsets, achieving a unique artistic experience that activates all the senses.
January 15, 2024
Unitouch Studio: a game changer in haptic design
If you've ever tried any virtual reality experience, one of the first things you notice is that you can't touch or feel anything. From birth, humans have an innate need to explore our surroundings with touch. That's why, in this new trend of virtual experience implementation, integrating technologies such as haptics can improve the immersive experience significantly.
August 10, 2023
IFA Berlin 2023: Actronika's haptic technology redefines Immersive experiences
From September 1 to 5, Berlin will become the home of IFA, the event dedicated to electronics and home appliances. At the heart of the innovations, the start-up Actronika will present its haptic technology and product, the Skinetic vest. The haptic vest that brings users a new layer of realism to digital interactions. 
August 1, 2023
World Haptics 2023: Actronika’s PhD Students unveil the research work around audio to haptics and reproducing realistic tactile sensations.
The 10th edition of IEEE World Haptics took place in Delft, Netherlands, last week, captivating the haptics community. Actronika, a Parisian start-up, Participated in the conference with its two Ph.D. Students, Aruna Ramasamy and Yerkebulan Massalim. They presented research on audio-tactile experiences and the reproduction of realistic tactile sensations.
July 18, 2023
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