Actronika X dArt: Reinventing digital art through the sense of touch

By | Isabel Trejos
January 15, 2024

The innovative art incubator dArt ( has combined the creative creations of artist MaxiCohen and Skinetic's high-definition haptics with innovative real-time EEG technology and MR headsets, achieving a unique artistic experience that activates all the senses.

Art, like many other fields, is constantly evolving, adapting to the trends of contemporary society. Thus, creative expressions of human beings have not been spared from the current digital era. With the development of immersive technologies, not only has it facilitated and reinvented various aspects such as education, communication, entertainment., but it has also become a tool for creative and innovative minds to explore new ways of expressing and experiencing artistic expressions.

Who is

In the current artistic revolution, dArt, an innovative multi-sensory creative incubator, is born. Recognizing the immense potential in this new form of artistic expression and in the creative minds that drive it, dArt presents itself as a powerful force to bring projects to life and share them with the world.

Representing a community of multidisciplinary creatives, dArt's mission is to help artists materialize bold visions.

Through collaborations and mixed reality technology, it takes artistic experiences to unprecedented levels. These are not only visually stunning, but also activate all of the user's senses, immersing them in a world where imagination and technology converge astonishingly.

About the collaboration with Actronika 

We had the opportunity to be part of the exhibition "The Poetry of Water" by artist Maxi Cohen, launched on November 23 and running until January 15, 2024, at the Leila Heller Gallery in Dubai.

This show, inspired by the beauty of water from different parts of the world, includes paintings, photographs, video formats, multimedia works, and immersive installations. The latter includes two Mixed Reality experiences created by dArt:

- Looking Glass

In collaboration with artist Jason J. Snell.

By combining real-time EEG (brainwave reading)technology, headsets, and the high-definition technology of the Skinetic vest, it transforms your thoughts into art while allowing you to feel every step of the process. Users can enjoy a multisensory experience of the creation process, directly translating thoughts from their minds into the digital world.

- Gradus ad Parnassus

in collaboration with the artist Monster Mike

Immerse users in the moving story of a man and his aquatic companion in an immersive XR experience. Thanks to spatial video technology, the story goes beyond time and space. In turn, viewers can feel the emotions and connections of this fascinating aquatic world with the Skinetic haptic vest. 

These multisensory art experiences have given visitors a new perspective to enjoy art uniquely and innovatively. 

What does haptics bring to the art industry?

Haptic technology, within the art industry, introduces a tactile and immersive dimension to creative experiences. When artists incorporate this innovation that simulates the sense of touch, they can conceive interactive and multisensory works, overcoming the limitations of traditional visual and auditory stimuli. This integration not only intensifies audience participation but also strengthens the emotional connection with the artwork, providing a more complete experience richer in sensory input.

In short, haptics opens new frontiers in artistic expression, offering immersive, interactive, and emotionally impactful experiences in the art industry.

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