Versatile Design

Unitouch Studio is centered around versatile design, enhancing your haptic design journey from concept to execution.

Its adaptable workflow meets diverse project needs, ensuring an uninterrupted and efficient creative process.

No more guesswork; instantly test your designs on actual devices, receiving real-time feedback to ensure your haptic creations align with your vision, ensuring optimal user satisfaction and immersion.

Sensations Library

Unitouch's Sensation Library offers a wide range of tactile experiences, from the subtlety of a raindrop to the intensity of a roaring engine.

This extensive library allows seamless integration of diverse touch sensations into projects, benefiting both novice and experienced designers.

Beyond a mere collection, the Sensations Library is a portal to fully realizing the power of haptic feedback. It enables design that transcends traditional boundaries, allowing storytelling through touch.

Temporal and Spatial Design

Unitouch Studio's temporal and spatial design capabilities revolutionize haptic feedback, enabling the creation of evolving tactile experiences in time and space.

Temporal design allows precise control over the sequencing and duration of feedback, essential for realistic, immersive sensations like a heartbeat or raindrops.

Spatial design determines the exact location of feedback on a device, from localized to expansive patterns, enhancing the perception of movement or direction.

This comprehensive approach ensures finely-tuned, realistic haptic experiences.



Try it as long as you like
Sensation Library of 200 effects
Complete design features
Export your effects
to use with Unitouch SDK


Limitless possibilites for only 42€/months/seat
2 months offered for annual subscription
All the features from Starter
Drive Standard Audio Devices
Extended Sensation Library*
Export your effects as audio assets*
Pattern Library*
*Upcoming features in next releases



Sensation Library of 200+ effects

Complete design features

Export for Unitouch SDK

Drive Standard Audio Devices

Extended Sensation Library*

Export as Audio Assets*

Pattern Library*

Download Unitouch Studio


for Windows

Compatible with Windows 10 and 11.
Download for Windows

for MacOS

Compatible with version 10.13 (High Sierra) and later.
Download for macos (Arm)
Download for macos (intel)


Integrate with Unitouch SDK


Design in Studio

Effortlessly craft spatial and temporal sequences of haptic feedback, ensuring a multi-dimensional tactile experience.
Elevate your designs and make every interaction meaningful.

Sync with SDK

Seamlessly embed your haptic designs into your application, ensuring precise haptic interactions and timely feedback triggers.
Available for multiple languages, framework and platforms.

Deploy & Feel

Test your haptic designs in real-world scenarios, ensuring their effectiveness and impact. With Unitouch Studio and SDK, bring your tactile visions to life, providing users with immersive and enriching experiences.

What's coming next ?

Audio Devices

Next Release 1.4.0

Combining customs layout and the capability to interface haptic through audio protocols, Unitouch Studio allows you to design effects for your own hardware.

It facilitates the prototyping stage of novel haptic devices while having a complete design toolset to create immersive productions.

Extended Content

Coming Next

Dive deeper into a more diverse and enriched library, featuring an extensive collection of samples, and a tailored library of patterns.

Moreover, we’re streamlining the design workflow by providing you the capability to import your own samples, and exporting your haptic assets in other formats, providing flexibility in the integration of haptics in your products and productions.

Design Agnosticism

in R&D

Untether your design to particular hardware. We aim to facilitate the creation of universally compatible design, intended for one device, to be effortlessly transferred and utilized across multiple devices without compromise.

We ensure that the tactile feedback remains consistent, impactful and following the design intent, to save time and reduce interaction cycles.

Contact us to get a demo of our technology, to discuss how we can collaborate to add value to your project, or simply to share an idea with us.
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