Major Update: Unitouch Studio 1.4.0, SDK 1.4.0, and Plugins 1.3.0

By | Isabel Trejos
January 10, 2024

After months of dedicated effort at Unitouch Studio, we're getting closer to our vision. We thank you for your support, enthusiasm, and valuable feedback, which have allowed us to evolve and deliver an exceptional immersive experience. Today, we're thrilled to unveil a series of updates that we're sure will excite you as much as they excite us. So get comfortable, and let's get started!

To understand all the updates, we will divide them into Unitouch Studio, SDK and Plugins. 

Unitouch Studio 1.4.0

Thrilled with the positive response to the last Unitouch Studio update (which made it compatible with the HSD mk.II prototyping kit), we've expanded the possibilities of compatibility even further. We're excited to share that Unitouch is not only compatible with Skinetic and HSD mk.II, but now supports any audio device! Yes, you read that right!

Similar to the previous update, in the actuator-based mode, you can choose the layout that suits your needs, and we've added the option to upload your layout for limitless possibilities. Once you've selected the device layout, easily edit actuator positions in X, Y, and Z. Note that you can choose the number of actuators to use.

This new feature empowers users to explore existing and upcoming features in various audio devices, bringing their immersive projects to life. Curious about upcoming updates? Get ready to explore new sensations in the library, including a pattern library with pre-designed scenarios! We love making your experience simple and high-quality.

One more detail: these new Studio features will now be available through a monthly subscription of just 42 euros, and it's worth it!

SDK 1.4.0

Just as the Unitouch Studio update, the SDK 1.4.0 will now be able to communicate through WIFI with Skinetic (only) and connect with audio devices.

Also, we have added Python as a new language for you to design your experiences.

Plugins 1.3.0

Along with SDK 1.4.0, we bring you the Unity Plugin 1.3.0 & Unreal Plugin 1.3.0. This update allows you to manage the SDK's new features.

This concludes the updates! Download the latest versions of Unitouch Studio and the SDK from the Actronika website and explore all the exciting new features. If you're not sure where to start, we encourage you to check out the documentation for developers. It provides guidance on the SDK API, Unitouch Studio, and plugins, along with practical examples. Enjoy the development experience!

Also, look at the Unitouch Studio Tutorials and learn more about its tools.

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