LEAP 2024: Actronika’s haptic technology reshaping the future of immersive experiences

By | Isabel Trejos
February 28, 2024
The world is gearing up for the next edition of one of the world's leading technology events: LEAP. Opening its doors next March 4-7 in Riyadh, companies, investors, start-ups and tech enthusiasts from around the world will gather to discover the technologies that will reinvent tomorrow's world. Among the exhibitors will be Actronika, a French startup specialized in haptics will be presenting the award-winning Skinetic vest, Haptic design software, Unitouch Studio and the different use cases across industries.

We are in an era of unstoppable technological revolution, where the boundaries between the "real world" and the digital realm are rapidly fading away. Immersive technologies like haptics are bringing digital experiences closer to what was once considered science fiction. As a result, integrating haptic technology into various industries has become essential to meet the growing demands of users seeking immersive and engaging experiences.

About Actronika

Actronika, a Parisian startup specializing in high-definition haptic technology, is on a mission to reconnect audiences with tangible material experiences and deliver multi-sensory encounters. 

With a sharp focus on innovation and market needs, Actronika developed Skinetic, a haptic vest designed to adapt to any body type. Skinetic’s strategically placed voice-coil motors allow users to physically interact with virtual environments by offering over 200 sensations close to reality. Recognized as one of the Times Best Inventions of 2022, awarded a CES Honoree Award in 2023, and a finalist in the hardware category at the VR Awards 2023, Skinetic is poised to revolutionize immersive experiences.

Imagine the sensation of lasers coursing through your body, the magic of spells flowing through you, or the feeling of water cascading over you as you stand beneath a waterfall. Skinetic offers these and many more immersive experiences, bringing virtual worlds to life.

Additionally, Actronika developed Unitouch Studio, software designed for immersive experience design, whether with Skinetic or any audio device. With intuitive tools for detailed actuator management and an extensive library of over 200 life-like haptic effects, Unitouch simplifies and accelerates the design process for both experienced creators and novices alike.

Actronika's achievements extend beyond product development. As the first company awarded the "Palme d'Or" of Innovative Technologies and French Recognition of Merit and Prestige, Actronika has collaborated with companies across various sectors to reinvent experiences. From immersive marketing campaigns for luxury brands like Bulgari and Hennesy, enhancing in-vehicle and plane experiences for companies like Hyundai, Martur, Novares, and Safran, to reinventing training like LS Group, Actronika's contributions to immersive technology are diverse and far-reaching.

Actronika at LEAP

Actronika will be among the exhibitors at LEAP, an annual tech event held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and funded by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones, and Tahaluf, an Informa company. LEAP, dedicated to showcasing tomorrow's technology, attracts over 172,000 attendees and 1000 of the world's leading tech companies.

At LEAP, Actronika will demonstrate the potential of haptic technology across various industries, featuring different demos, including their innovative haptic vest, Skinetic. In an era of digital advancement, we believe that haptic technology is pivotal for delivering engaging experiences that surpass user expectations and propel us into the future.

Experience the future of immersive experiences firsthand by visiting us at Hall 5, Booth H5.G23 at the French Pavilion.

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