What about us?

Actronika is a leading supplier of high-definition haptics.

We are born from over 30 years of research in haptics by our Co-founder and Scientific Director Vincent Hayward at the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics (CNRS/Sorbonne University). Vincent recently became a member of the French Academy of Sciences for his pioneering work on haptics.

Actronika offers a patented high-definition haptic technology, which is able to reproduce the sense of touch into any human-machine interface.

With 6 years of expertise and an experience in more than 30 successful customer projects, we help to create the most innovative experiences based on the sense of touch.

In 2022, Actronika has received the "Palme d'Or" in the field of new technologies with a French National Diploma of Merit and Prestige for the multiple applications that result from our innovative technology: virtual augmented reality, bone conduction of sound, medical interfaces and devices, automotive, consumer electronics, mobile, etc.

Our team

Gilles Meyer

Co-founder & CEO

Vincent Hayward

Co-founder & CSO

Rafal Pijewski

Co-founder & CTO

Damien Faux, PhD

R&D Director

Hugo Bouchard

Software Team Leader

Adrien Vives

Sales Director

Thomas Begeot

Product Manager

Isabel Trejos

Communications Manager

Boby Cherian

Key Accounts and Innovations Manager

Clara Echassoux

Business Developer

Xavier de Tinguy, PhD

Software Engineer / Virtual Reality Developer

Sylvain Gauthier

Software Architect

Leandre Bouchet

Software Engineer

Victor Mercado, PhD

UX Designer

Gwendal Fernet

Mechatronic Engineer

Hugo Maillard

R&D Engineer

Aruna Ramasamy

Data Researcher & PhD Student

Claire Richards

Designer & PhD Student

Yerkebulan Massalim

Mechanical Researcher & PhD Student

Fanjun Jia

Office Manager & Laboratory Technician

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