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Safety, simplicity, and comfort

Connectivity, electrification, self-driving vehicles, and innovative ride-sharing applications are transforming our modern experience of driving.
These market mutations also impact the driver at an individual level, and are pushing the development of a more safe, seamless, and comfortable user experience, enabled by our haptic platform.

- Be reassured through haptic feedback while driving.
- Decrease visual attention-grabbing distractions by using only touch.
- Replace mechanical buttons with customizable tactile clicks and buttons.

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Enhance a steering wheel with haptic alerts for security-based feedback.
Replace all door controls and mechanical buttons  with customizable tactile clicks and buttons.
Equip a car seat with musical bass-enhancing actuators or with haptic alerts for security-based feedback.
Add haptic feedback to automotive displays to decrease distracted driving.
Enhance a car control center with a sensitive touch & scroll panel with haptic feedback.


The future of mobile is multi-sensory

Vibrotactile effects have already been incorporated in smartphones, but so far, they remain rudimentary. Actronika presents a new reality: vibrotactile motors that enable a diverse range of richer, more precise sensations.

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Exchange more vibrant, impactful messages between your friends and family.
Feel the texture of your purchase – before you buy it.
Replace the phone speaker and hear your calls through vibration of the screen.
Create a specific interactive library of effects (sensations) to perfectly match your app.

Gaming & VR

Immersion is a new expectation

Our haptic platform's capacity to communicate with an entire network of independently active actuators makes our technology stand out, all while offering a simple integration process. These network effects enable the diverse range of rich, dynamic sensations that a user would expect from a truly immersive experience.

Hover over the images to discover  some use case examples.
Enable gamers to simultaneously touch, see and hear all events occurring in VR: live and direct, true-to-life sensations.
Enable a total immersive experience for professional trainings.
Interact with your coworker in a virtual training simulation.

Other Possibilities

Our technology can be integrated in any Human Machine Interface:

Consumer electronics, medical interfaces and devices, wellness products, toys, sports accessories...

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