Stay at the Top of Mind Through Touch: Conquering Customer Hearts with Multisensory Experiences

By | Isabel Trejos
June 11, 2024
The luxury industry is synonymous with exclusivity, quality, and unparalleled experiences. Buying luxury products is more than just a purchase; it’s a complete experience, and this is what makes luxury brands stand out. Fashion, jewelry, automotive, and other high-end industries are embracing immersive technologies like haptic technology to offer unique shopping experiences to their clients.

Today, companies are creating experiences that explore virtual reality not just to sell but to showcase their values and build bonds with customers, elevating customer experiences to new sensory heights. But how can a brand stand out in a market where the same experiences are being implemented? Beyond Virtual Reality (VR), other immersive technologies, such as high-definition haptic technology, are yet to be fully explored. While haptic technology is not new, HD haptic technology is.

HD haptic technology recreates the sense of touch through vibrations in a more detailed manner than a simple buzz or rumble. This technology is the magic touch that can transform conventional VR or digital interactions, such as screen interactions, into unique experiences. Imagine feeling hundreds of different sensations according to your interactions—water flowing at your fingertips when touching a screen with an ocean image, or flowers growing around you when wearing a haptic wearable. The possibilities are endless! Here are some use cases from our collaborations with luxury brands under the "Maisons LVMH" :

Use Cases

Hennessy Travel Retail: We collaborated with Hennessy Travel Retail for the Asian launch of "Senses of Hennessy" by Moët Hennessy at the new House of Hennessy boutique at the Four Seasons Macau. This unique multisensory project takes users on a captivating journey to explore all facets of Hennessy cognac and discover its perfect pairings.

 The integration of high-definition haptic technology allowed users to explore the qualities of different cognac varieties through the sense of touch. By placing their hands on the surface of a specially designed table, users could feel various sensations that corresponded with the video showcasing the qualities of each cognac.

 This created a truly immersive experience, revealing the characteristics of the cognac and establishing an innovative connection with the brand. This launch not only presented a new and exciting way to enjoy Hennessy cognac but also highlighted how technology can transform consumer experiences, offering a deeper and more personalized connection with luxury products.

"Senses of Hennessy" by Moët Hennessy at the new House of Hennessy boutique

Bvlgari: In our collaboration with Bvlgari, we created an immersive sensory experience with "Scentsorial" for one of their high-end fragrances, Tygar. By watching the video that chronicles the mesmerizing journey of the creation of this exquisite fragrance, users could pick up the bottle of the fragrance and feel the process of its creation in their hands. This immersive experience was unique and engaging, allowing users to be completely absorbed in the journey.

"Scentsorial" for Tygar Fragrance

Haptic technology, once primarily associated with gaming and Virtual Reality, is now making waves in the luxury sector. By incorporating advanced tactile feedback, luxury brands are enhancing the sensory experience of their products, offering customers a new dimension of engagement and satisfaction.

Beyond jewelry, fragrances, accessories, and cognac, haptics can be implemented in any Human Machine Interface (HMI). Thanks to its integration flexibility, it can be used in various products and experiences, such as vehicles and accessories.

Haptics in Automotive: Haptic technology can enhance the driving experience by implementing touch-sensitive control panels, steering wheels, and seats equipped with haptic feedback. These innovations offer drivers intuitive and responsive interactions, adding a layer of sophistication and control that aligns with the premium nature of luxury vehicles.

Haptics in Accessories: accessories like premium smartwatches and fitness trackers can feature subtle tactile notifications and alerts, providing necessary information in a way that feels exclusive and elegant.

Haptic technology is revolutionizing luxury experiences, offering a new way to explore and engage with brands and their creations. By adding a tactile dimension, haptics provide deeper, more memorable interactions. This innovation opens limitless possibilities for immersive, sensory-rich experiences across various industries.

At Actronika, we are proud to be at the forefront of this technological revolution, helping luxury brands integrate HD haptic technology into their offerings. If you're a luxury brand looking to elevate your customer experience to new sensory heights, contact us to learn how we can help you create unforgettable, immersive experiences that stand out in the market.

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