Actronika X VRTS X ProTubeVR: Multisensory VR Training for Defense and Military. Learn from experience, and achieve success!

By | Isabel Trejos
June 12, 2024

VR Training Solutions, ProTubeVR, and Actronika have teamed up to deliver the most immersive VR training experiences, designed to enhance military exercises and ensure success and safety.

Defense entities have a great responsibility to their nation: to keep its people safe and protect its troops. For this reason, these entities explore various innovations to improve their processes and exercises.

How can immersive technologies help in defense and military exercises? There are several use cases, but one in particular where their full potential can be exploited is virtual reality (VR) training. This training modality allows users to take advantage of different sensory stimuli: incredible visual and auditory effects from VR headsets, life-like tactile feedback with haptic technology from wearables and accessories, and finally, multimodal VR environments.

These new tools have opened up a new world of possibilities, taking conventional training exercises to a significant advancement in the preparation and effectiveness of the forces.

Who are VRTS and ProTubeVR

In the revolution of VR training, two companies are putting their efforts into making training not only more realistic but also a way to understand and learn from situational training: VRTS and ProTubeVR.

VR Training Solutions (VRTS) specializes in professional tactical training. It was created with the objective of offering defense and police institutions a training method that allows users to polish their skills based on experience without risking their lives or spending a great amount of resources. VRTS provides a VR training environment that exposes users to different environments and situations while using easy-to-use equipment. This training helps improve reaction times and decision-making by identifying and addressing weaknesses.

ProTubeVR is a start-up that aims to bring more immersion and enjoyment to users when navigating digital environments. This team of engineers and gaming enthusiasts develops powerful haptic accessories that adapt to the needs of users when interacting with different types of objects and weapons in their gaming sessions, such as rifles and guns. Their accessories focus on comfort while enhancing performance and immersion without sacrificing a sophisticated look.

About the partnership with Actronika 

We have decided to join forces to offer defense institutions the most immersive VR training experience available. By combining our specialties, we provide a comprehensive experience that allows users to engage and develop in various situations and environments while learning from visual, auditory, and tactile stimuli. This holistic understanding of scenarios enables users to make quick decisions, a crucial factor in ensuring the well-being of their team and civilians.

VRTS virtual experiences allow for both individual and team training, with customizable difficulty levels tailored to specific scenarios. This flexibility not only improves individual performance and skill potential but also cultivates teamwork by enhancing coordination, communication, and trust, ultimately ensuring optimal performance.

The haptic feedback from ProTubeVR accessories and the Skinetic vest enhances realism and comprehension of physical interactions that can occur in real life. ProTubeVR accessories simulate the grip of a weapon and the recoil after each shot, adding a layer of authenticity. Meanwhile, the Skinetic vest, developed by Actronika, enables users to feel every interaction as they navigate different scenarios, identifying hundreds of distinct sensations for greater immersion such as the attack of the enemy or operating a vehicle.

The recreation of training scenarios can be costly, but VR training enhanced with high-definition tactile feedback allows exploration of different situations within the same room, eliminating the need for heavy equipment. Instead, it becomes an experience that can be easily brought to any location.

By leveraging this advanced technology, we aim to elevate the training experience for defense personnel, equipping them with the skills and responsiveness needed for real-world situations to ensure success.

Celebrating Our Partnership at Eurosatory 2024

To celebrate the start of our partnership, we will be showcasing our solutions at the global event for defense and security, Eurosatory 2024, taking place June 17-21 at Paris, France. If you are interested in exploring the future of VR training, we invite you to visit our booth at  Hall 6 - FG 296. If you would like to set up a meeting or get more information, we invite you to contact us.

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