Unlock Haptics

Unitouch SDK provides you with tools for a rapid integration and deployment of high-definition haptics within your application.

Tailored for both novice and experienced developers, it offers the right tools to create immersive experiences. Whether you're developing for gaming, VR, or interactive projects, Unitouch SDK simplifies the process, ensuring that your users receive rich and authentic sensations.


Unitouch SDK is packaged and available for different languages, frameworks, and platforms to match your project's requirements.

Software Library
- C/C++
- C#
- Python

Plugins for Game Engines
- Unreal Engine
- Unity

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Download Unitouch SDK
version 1.4.3


for Windows

Compatible with Windows 10 and 11.
Download for Windows

for MacOS

Compatible with version 10.13 (High Sierra) and later.
Download for macos (Arm)
Download for macos (intel)

for Linux

Compatible with
Download for Linux

for Android

Compatible with
Download for android

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