HD Haptics

Do It, Sense It

Tailored sensations of touch, at your fingertips.

Making the multi-sensory future accessible to you.

At Actronika, we develop human-machine interface solutions using patented haptic technology.

As humans, we are born to touch in order to form relationships, to learn, and to be engaged with our environment. Faced with  an ever-digitizing world, we’ve made it our mission to re-engage people with tangible, material experiences

Our hardware and software make that possible.

What is Haptics?

In a nutshell, haptics is the science of touch

The origin of the word comes from Greek Haptikos, meaning “able to touch or grasp”. Touch brings tactile sensation, perception and action together to form a sensory loop, allowing you to perceive and judge your environment, virtual or real.





A cutting-edge take on  intuitive interface design.
Provides backup where vision or hearing is unavailable or overused.
Ready for large-scale industrialization and integration.
Applicable in practically every industrial product domain.
Actronika's Automotive Applications

Actronika provides solutions to respond to new consumer expectations created by a mutating automotive market.

Actronika's Mobile Applications

Tactile screens will become multi-sensory. Actronika makes it possible now with HD haptic interface solutions.

Actronika's Gaming Applications

Immersion is in high demand. Actronika's platform gives gamers the real-life sensations they want to feel.

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The Company

Actronika is a Parisian startup, founded in 2015 by Vincent Hayward (CSO), Gilles Meyer (CEO), and Rafal Pijewski (CTO). 
Actronika’s co-founders knew that it was possible to create something outstanding with all the years of research already accomplished.
That “something” is the Tactronik platform, making true touch-based interfaces a modern-day reality.
Instead of focusing on the development of a single ‘haptized’ product, Actronika has become the leader in the integration of haptic technology into an extremely diverse range of human-machine interfaces.

The Team

Since 2015, we have grown to a team of 20 people.

We are a team of gamers, robotics experts, tech fanatics, continuous learners, music enthusiasts…

Actronika’s team members’ diversity, passion and drive make it all happen.


We have: 

A Mechatronics team

An Electronics team

A Software Development team

A Communication and Marketing team

Latest News

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme