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Based on more than 30 years of research by our co-founder, Vincent Hayward, Actronika has developed haptic technologies that enable tactile feedback to be seamlessly integrated in human-machine interfaces. Actronika's technologies can be integrated in a plethora of devices, such as smartphones to enhance the user experience, vehicle touchscreens to curb distraction while driving, game controllers to improve immersion. The possibilities are endless.

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With Actronika, haptics is:


A cutting-edge take on intuitive interface design.


Provides backup where vision or hearing is unavailable or overused.


Ready for large-scale industrialization and integration.


Applicable in practically every industrial product domain.

high-fidelity haptic feedback
Experience realistic vibrotactile haptics

When we touch an object, vibrations are propagated in our body, allowing us to understand the nature of the surface or the object we interact with. Our haptic technology aims to reproduce the vibrations created during a user-interface interaction, so that our somatosensory system produces a coherent tactile illusion

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Turnkey solution

Actronika has all you need for the integration of state-of-the-art vibrotactile haptics in your devices. From hardware to software, our technology is highly modular to fit your product design.


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Get on top of the new consumer expectations created by a mutating automotive market.


Make your screens multi-sensory with high-definition haptic interface solutions.


Immersion is in high demand. Actronika’s platform gives gamers the real-life sensations they want to feel.


Consumer electronics, medical interfaces and devices, wellness products, toys, sports accessories...

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Live the most immersive VR experience
with Actronika's haptic vest Skinetic!

Touch and feel what you see in VR thanks to high-definition vibrotactile haptics: live and direct, true-to-life sensations.

Live an incomparable experience by feeling every interaction and your VR environment.


Our customers & partners say it best
“The solution furnished by Actronika was reliable and answered perfectly our needs. Moreover, the haptic effect was more than satisfying and really important for our client's needs. Actronika was a strength of proposal on our subject, not only an executable. So it was interesting for us to work with Actronika.”

Mathieu GUIBERT, Project Manager - LIGHT & SHADOWS

“Actronika actuators embedded in etee provides a real feel of haptic feedback. It’s not just the power of the actuator (vibrator) but how it creates advanced 3D haptic feeling. From low-frequency haptic impact to high vibration simulated interaction it adds a lot of volume for VR immersive experiences.”

Mick LIN, Chief product officer - TG0 (creator of etee)

“We are partnering with Actronika on the human-machine interface of the car of the future. Their disruptive haptic feedback technology makes Novares’ innovations more intuitive and safer. We are so convinced about the future and interest in Actronika’s haptic technology that we have become a shareholder of the company”

Pierre-Olivier BECK, Vice President M&A and Venture Capital - NOVARES GROUP


Latest news

Customer Story: Novares
April 8, 2021

For several years now, Actronika has been collaborating with Novares on automotive projects for a better driving experience through haptics. We interviewed François Bollier, Product Innovation Leader at Novares Group, to explain Novares' activity, its collaboration with Actronika and the interest of haptics for the automotive industry.

Actronika is looking for a C# Developer (Internship)
April 1, 2021

Actronika is looking for an intern in C# development for Unity3D (5-6 months) to contribute to the software development of Actronika’s product.

Live the most immersive VR experience with the Skinetic VR vest!
March 17, 2021

Actronika will launch its own haptic vest Skinetic, capable of reproducing immersive sensations for virtual and augmented reality experiences.

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