Actronika partenered with LS GROUP to develop a simulator with haptic feedback to better train the industrial painters

Use case

August 3, 2022

What is the project about?

LS GROUP developed, in partnership with the CEA, a simulator for the painting sector.

The training of painters is a long and costly process in terms of human resources and material. The application allows the analysis of different parameters as speed, thickness, angle, etc. The hardware team of LS GROUP also developed, in parallel with this application, a paint gun dedicated to it. This paint gun is coupled with an HTC controller compatible with the HTC headset used for the simulation. This system generates a haptic feedback in the paint gun.


What did haptics bring to this project?

With LS GROUP, Actronika specified how to enhance the immersion within their XR Paint application through haptic feedback. In such a context, haptic is used to emulate the behavior of a paint gun for the user to get more precise control of the device within the virtual environment.

A few words about collaboration:

Together, we designed an interaction where we linked the hardware capabilities, i.e. the trigger of the controller, to a multi-modal experience. LS GROUP developed XR Paint and managed the visual and auditory feedback while on Actronika’s side we designed the haptic feedback. The idea was to drive haptic effects to reproduce the feeling of the paint projected from the paint gun and the activation and deactivation of the pump. Then, we integrated our solutions to provide what XR Paint is today.


Client's opinion:

The Actronika solution furnished was consistent and met our needs and those of our customers perfectly. Moreover, the haptic feedback  was more than satisfying and was an important point for our clients. Actronika was a creative force on this project (and not only an executable). Our collaborating experience with Actronika get on really well, and that one of the reasons why we still continue to collaborate with them on other projects.

Mathieu Guibert, Project Manager - LS GROUP

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