Customer Story: Novares

Haptics to enrich the user experience and improve driving safety in the automotive industry

By Marina Crifar |
April 8, 2021
For several years now, Actronika has been collaborating with Novares on automotive projects for a better driving experience through haptics. We interviewed François Bollier, Product Innovation Leader at Novares Group, to explain Novares' activity, its collaboration with Actronika and the interest of haptics for the automotive industry.

Introduce us to the company Novares.

Novares is an automotive supplier, present worldwide, which develops complex plastic components and systems. On average, 1 in 3 vehicles produced in the world is equipped with Novares parts. 

The DNA of Novares is plastic injection with high-tech parts and assemblies but also innovation.

Tell us about your collaboration with Actronika.

Novares wants to enrich its products by offering new user experiences. For this, Novares relies on its innovation ecosystem which includes both startups, such as Actronika, and research organizations.

Novares and Actronika collaborate mainly on subjects that involve the sense of touch  and in particular on high definition haptic feedback. On the Novacar project, which is Novares' Open Innovation laboratory, Actronika provided its expertise on the “Touch'N Feel” touch control panel, the "3D Flexview Max" screen and the "Squeeze Command" control handle.

“Touch'N Feel” touch control panel
"3D Flexview Max" screen
"Squeeze Command" control handle

Actronika provided the haptic technology required, in particular, the development of the architecture and the library of effects.

What does haptics bring to the automotive industry?

Haptic feedback, and more specifically high-definition haptic feedback, has been necessary since the emergence of touch controls and the multiplication of screens, as it not only enriches the user experience but also increases driving safety. It allows users to use the screens without taking their eyes off the road.

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