Live the most immersive VR experience with the Skinetic VR vest!

By Marina Crifar |
March 17, 2021
Actronika will launch its own haptic vest Skinetic, capable of reproducing immersive sensations for virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Currently, VR headsets have the ability to transport gamers to another world thanks to the stimulation of the senses of sight and hearing, but one is still missing in order to enjoy a complete immersive experience: the sense of touch.

Real-life sensations, for unique virtual experiences

The haptic vest offered by Actronika revolutionizes VR as it allows users to simultaneously touch, see and hear all events occurring on screen: live and direct, true-to-life sensations. It enables a total immersive experience – the user can feel every interaction, but also their environment (fire, wind, hits, heartbeat, etc.…).

State-of-the-art haptic technology

To develop its device, Actronika relies on its very own patented haptic technology. The power and precision of the effects is based on the multitude of the highly innovative voice-coil motors integrated within the device capable of providing a wide variety of tactile sensations. They can all be individually controlled in order to create sensations that flow and pulse throughout the entire vest, based on the virtual interaction.

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