VivaTech 2023: Actronika Showcases Cutting-Edge Haptic Technology for Revolutionary Virtual Sports Experiences

By | Isabel Trejos
June 5, 2023
The next edition of the annual technology conference dedicated to innovation and start-ups will open its doors next June 14th. Vivatechnology, or Vivatech, held in Paris, France, is an event that brings together start-ups, tech leaders, major corporations, and investors responding to the world's biggest challenges. Among the exhibitors, Actronika, a Parisian start-up specializing in haptics, will present its haptic vest Skinetic and its haptic design software Unitouch Studio.

Vivatech, held in Paris, is an event that brings together start-ups, tech leaders, major corporations, and investors every year, responding to the world's biggest challenges. In this edition, Actronika is one of the start-ups selected by Vivatech to present its technology in the Sport park. This section is VivaTech's exclusive selection of innovators and technology aiming to transform how we move, play, and compete in the coming years.

Actronika, a Parisian start-up founded in 2016, specializes in haptics, or the science of touch. It offers everything necessary to integrate the sense of touch into its customers' products and experiences in different industries and use cases. For example, in-stores to improve the customer experience, in-vehicle touch screens to limit distractions when driving, in-game controllers to improve immersion, in simulators or sports games to improve user performance and immersion.... The possibilities are endless.

The company has been recognized for its innovative hardware and software solutions, the Skinetic haptic vest, and its Unitouch Studio haptic design hardware. Skinetic is a gadget to enhance the user experience in users' digital experiences by bringing a new layer of realism to their experiences through the sense of touch. As experts in haptics, we know the challenge of creating high-definition haptics. To make it more accessible we developed Unitouch Studio with over 200+ essential sensations of different categories to design immersive experiences.

Imagine being able to feel and even create immersive applications in sports training and e-sports: immersing yourself in a virtual golf swing with lifelike sensations for precise technique analysis, feeling the thrilling vibrations and resistance of a high-speed car as you navigate virtual tracks in racing simulations, experiencing the impactful vibrations of every punch and kick in virtual fighting games, using haptic cues to communicate and strategize with your teammates in team-based e-sports. All this and more you can create with the Skinetic vest.

The use of haptics in these contexts can provide valuable sensory information and feedback that contributes to skill development and competitive performance.

We invite you to live an immersive experience with the Skinetic vest and discover the different possibilities you can feel and create with Unitouch Studio at Actronika’s booth U11-005 at the Vivatech Sport Park

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