Vivatech 2023: Actronika’s CEO Gilles Meyer one of the few startupers invited to dive into a conversation with President Macron

By | Isabel Trejos
June 16, 2023
Actronika, represented by its CEO Gilles Meyer, was one of the few startups chosen to dive into a conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron. During the event, the future of the technology sector in France was discussed.

Amidst the excitement of the first day of Vivatech, the renowned French tech event, a distinguished presence graced stage one: French President Emmanuel Macron. With enthusiasm, President Macron engaged in a stimulating discussion on the future of the country's technology sector, emphasizing the government's commitment to foster innovation and improve competitiveness. As part of this occasion, four exceptional startups were selected to join him on stage. Actronika, specializing in haptic technology, proudly took place among those chosen, with its CEO, Gilles Meyer, representing the company's visionary goals.

At the forefront of Actronika's achievements is its revolutionary expertise in haptic technology, a cutting-edge field that redefines human-machine interactions. Actronika's revolutionary product, the haptic vest Skinetic, underscores the company's goal of bringing a new layer of realism to virtual reality experiences. With the Skinetic vest, users can feel the nuances associated with their digital interactions, enhancing the sense of immersion and blurring the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds.

In a dynamic dialogue with President Macron, Gilles Meyer took the opportunity to ask about the plans related to industrialization, competitiveness, culture and metaverse. The President, in turn, unveiled the objectives set for the technology sector of the "France 2030" project. As part of this broad initiative, the project will allocate 200 million euros to immersive culture and Metaverse projects. This strategic investment opens doors for emerging companies and startups, allowing them to present their innovative projects and compete for substantial funding. The initiative promises not only to foster the growth of individual companies but also to strengthen France's competitive positioning on the global stage.

We invite you to watch the full event at the link below! Moreover, if you would like to try our technology at Vivatech, you can find us at booth U11--005 Sports Park.

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