Actronika and Interhaptics collaborate to achieve the ultimate multi-channel HD Haptic Prototyping

By Actronika and Interhaptics |
February 8, 2022
Interhaptics and Actronika embark 2022 with a partnership to further empower the haptics market and community, by integrating Actronika’s HSD-Mk1 with Interhaptics. 

Interhaptics, a leading provider of haptic and interaction design tools for the metaverse, and Actronika, the expert in high-definition haptic solutions, today announced the beginning of a great integration between the two technologies to streamline the development of multi-channel HD haptics for a faster prototyping process.

In late 2021, Actronika released a new compact haptics board with 20 haptic actuators called the HSD-Mk1. The HSD-Mk1 is meant for quick and seamless prototyping to accelerate development of multi-channel haptics. The device will help reduce weeks of integration time. Simultaneously, in December 2021, Interhaptics released a brand new version of the Haptic Composer, currently in beta. The Haptic composer beta is coming out with a revamped UI, HD haptics, haptic presets, and accurate amplitude and signal frequency, to name a few. 

Actronika HSD-Mk1
Interhaptics - Haptic Composer 2.0 Beta

Integration use cases: 

The  technologies together will optimize the time and quality of development in a vast variety of digital applications : 

XR Applications alone represent a key player in the haptics market. In the past decade, the gaming industry has bloomed and is drastically expanding, with this growth, haptics feedback is becoming more of a necessity of the user experience. Through this collaboration, powerful HD haptic actuators and the HSD-Mk1  can be integrated to revive the XR devices, and through Interhaptics haptic design tools, users will be able to design, render and deploy advanced haptic feedback. The technologies can be used in a diverse array of devices. Wearable haptic devices, such as vests and gloves are an example of potential prototypes, but that does not exclude controllers and augmented devices. 

Haptics technology and haptic design are not limited to the metaverse. We are experiencing the integration of haptics in both the automotive and the entertainment industries. One particular approach to use the integration of Interhaptics design software and Actronika’s HSD-Mk1 is in seat integration. Having interactive chairs is another channel to immerse users in the virtual world. integrating seats with haptic feedback in gaming chairs or even in cinema seats for immersive and realistic effects. However, the addition of haptics in car seats is a great source of notification for safe driving.

About Actronika

Actronika is a startup specialized in high-definition haptics, reproducing the sense of touch in its customers' experiences and products. Actronika provides with all the essential components for an optimal haptic user experience: software, patented hardware, integration and R&D. Its work is based on over 30 years of research by its cofounder Vincent Hayward, member of the French Academy of Sciences for his pioneering work in haptics.

About Interhaptics

Interhaptics is a software company specialized in haptics. Interhaptics provides hand interactions and haptic feedback development and deployment tools for the metaverse, mobile, and console applications. Interhaptics’ mission is to enable the growth of a scalable haptics ecosystem through haptics standardization, cross technology, and cross-platform deployment.

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