How to easily integrate haptics into your game, movie or training designs to enhance user immersion?

By | Melanie Violeta GonzalezRubio |
June 21, 2022
Actronika has developed a software solution called Unitouch which enables designers and developers to simplify the integration process of touch in their experiences, by providing an easy synthesis of tactile sensations. And luckily for you, it is now available for testing for free through our Beta Program!

Unitouch will give you access to two different tools: Unitouch Engine and Unitouch Library.

Unitouch Engine is an engine that generates tactile signals on-the-fly for your applications. It is available for C++ and as a plugin for the game engines Unity and Unreal Engine. Designers and developers are now able to create immersive interactions rapidly and effortlessly! You don’t have knowledge of tactile design? It’s exactly the aim of our second tool: Unitouch Library.

Unitouch Library is a collection of ready-to-use tactile effects that facilitates the design of immersive interactions. You can choose the right sensation for any interaction! Explore, preview and download a collection of high-fidelity vibrotactile haptic effects.

These tools were designed for developer engineers, developer experiences, but also for designers, product managers, sound designers, and even more!

Unitouch is now available for everyone to test it out with our Beta Program!

Anyone can become a Beta tester by filling out the form available on our Unitouch website.

Once you have filled out the form, our team will contact you as briefly as possible!  You will be able to implement Unitouch software in any of your devices and provide an enhanced experience through them.

Are you ready to unlock the power of touch in your experiences with Unitouch? 

Contact us to get a demo of our technology, to discuss how we can collaborate to add value to your project, or simply to share an idea with us.
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