Discover the future of XR at AWE 2022 with Skinetic by Actronika

By | Isabel Trejos
October 18, 2022
The XR community will have the chance to discover what the future of immersive experiences feels like with the Skinetic vest at the next edition of AWE EU on October 20-21 in Lisbon. Skinetic is a haptic vest developed by Actronika, a French start-up specialized in haptic technology.

The XR community is excited to meet again in for the next edition of the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Lisbon, Portugal. Exhibitors from around the world will be showcasing their latest innovations that promise to revolutionize the AR and VR at the event. As one of the exhibitors, Actronika will be presenting its innovations in haptic technology that can revolutionize the user experience of HMI interactions.

The start up has caught a lot of interest from VR enthusiasts and professionals of different industries with their haptic vest: Skinetic which allows users to feel in VR. One of the keystones that is missing in virtual experiences is the ability to touch and feel the environment around you. With the Skinetic vest, users can now actually interact with the virtual environment and feel those actions!

Imagine being able to feel the strong ocean waves brushing against your body, the calm breeze in a tropical island or the thrilling feeling of sitting behind the wheel of a race car… The possibilities are endless. For gaming, entertainment or event marketing, engage users like never before using the sense of touch.

More than a simple buzz or a rumble, the Skinetic vest can provide a more immersive experience that makes the users ‘live’ the virtual experience.

A white canvas for developers, designers and haptic enthusiastics

The Skinetic Vest not only offers a wide range of sensations, but is also a tool for developers and designers to explore and create their own haptic effects as needed. How? Actronika has built an ecosystem around the vest, giving the possibility to design and create high-definition haptic effects easily. In addition, the software allows to control all the actuators of the vest individually to recreate smooth spatial effects on the vest for a truly immersive sensations.

We invite you to live an immersive experience with the Skinetic vest and discover the different possibilities you can feel and create with this innovation at Actronika’s booth 114 at this AWE EU edition. 


About Actronika: Actronika is a startup that reproduces the sense of touch. Its work is based on more than 30 years of research by its co-founder Vincent Hayward, a member of the French Academy of Sciences for his pioneering work on haptics. 

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