Revolutionizing Military Training: How Actronika's Haptic Technology Enhances Immersion and Performance

By | Isabel Trejos
March 24, 2023
The professionals of the Special Operations forces will have the chance to discover how Actronika's high-definition haptics can enhance military exercises at the next edition of SOFINS on March 28-30 in the Camp de Souge in Gironde.

Actronika, a Parisian startup with expertise in high-definition haptic technology, is set to showcase its innovative products at SOFINS, the upcoming meeting place for high-tech industry with special forces and special units. The company's flexible and adaptable haptic technology has caught the attention of various industries, including the military sector.

Haptic technology has enormous potential to enhance military services in multiple ways, from training to combat operations. One primary application of haptic technology in the military is through haptic feedback in VR training simulations. Actronika's haptic vest, called Skinetic, recreates life-like sensations in the torso, including environmental sensations (wind, rain, etc), combat sensations (explosions or bullet impact, etc.).

Using Skinetic during VR training provides soldiers with realistic tactile feedback, helping them understand the physical sensations of different scenarios, such as firing a weapon or operating a vehicle. This immersive experience improves muscle memory and reaction times, leading to better performance in real-world situations. Moreover, VR training in a safe and controlled environment can lead to reduced training costs and better preparedness for real-world scenarios.

Haptic technology can also enhance communication between soldiers in the field by conveying simple messages or commands without verbal communication. This feature is particularly useful when noise or language barriers make verbal communication difficult.

In addition to training, haptics can also enhance soldiers' situational awareness in combat situations. For example, haptic feedback can be used to alert soldiers to the presence of nearby threats, such as incoming enemy fire or explosive devices. This can be especially useful in situations where visual and auditory cues may be obscured, such as in low-light or noisy environments.

Overall, haptic technology has the potential to provide critical information and significantly enhance military services' efficiency and effectiveness. Actronika's haptic technology is poised to revolutionize the way soldiers interact with their equipment and surroundings.

We invite you to live an immersive experience with Actronika’s haptic technology and discover the different possibilities at Actronika’s booth E37 at this SOFINS edition.

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