IFA Berlin 2023: Actronika's haptic technology redefines Immersive experiences

By | Isabel Trejos
August 1, 2023
From September 1 to 5, Berlin will become the home of IFA, the event dedicated to electronics and home appliances. At the heart of the innovations, the start-up Actronika will present its haptic technology and product, the Skinetic vest. The haptic vest that brings users a new layer of realism to digital interactions. 

IFA, in its 99th edition, is one of the oldest events dedicated to technology and innovation. This fair will bring together industry pioneers, companies, start-ups & technology enthusiasts to present and witness the solutions that promise to transform our lives. Among the exhibitors is the start-up specializing in haptic technology, Actronika, selected by the European Innovation Council (EIC) as one of the 20 companies representing innovation in Europe. 

With the revolution of immersive experiences, technologies that enhance the user experience are increasingly in demand. So far, visual and auditory technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds. Still, to achieve a fully immersive result, it is necessary to stimulate the sense of touch. Thus, Actronika will give its 'touch' to the event by presenting its haptic technology and its range of applications in the industries.

Among the pieces of tech presented by Actronika is its product: Skinetic, a vest with integrated haptic technology that, unlike other players in the market, stands for its high-definition sensations and the large amount of sensations delivered, being able to reproduce more than 200 high-definition sensations. Imagine being able to feel the magic flowing through your body as you cast a spell on your enemy, feel the electricity flashing across your body as you are struck by lightning, the water flowing when exploring the Titanic, the thrill of flying a plane during a race against the clock, and much more. Open up new possibilities in the digital world with detailed haptic technology and re-engage your users through the sense of touch.

The start-up has also worked on developing haptic design software called Unitouch Studio, which allows the creation of immersive experiences in no time. Offering different tools that facilitate the understanding of spatialization perception and the meticulous control of each sensation. Also, the software provides an integrated library of over 200 ready-to-use sensations from different categories essential for different scenarios.

Actronika aims to bridge the gap between human and machine interactions to achieve a better immersive user experience. Are you interested in discovering the future of immersive experiences? Then we invite you to visit us at Booth 207 (booth 2) in Hall 2.2 in the European Pavilion.

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