Actronika: Honoring Vincent Hayward's Vision and Advancing the Field of Haptics

By| Isabel Trejos
May 11, 2023
On May 10th, the world lost a true visionary and pioneer in the field of haptics. Vincent Hayward, a member of the French Academy of Sciences and co-founder of Actronika, passed away, leaving a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come. Damien Faux, Actronika’s R&D Director, will continue to honor and carry on Vincent's legacy.

Vincent Hayward, an exceptional scientist, and visionary in the field of haptics, passed away on May 10th. As a member of the French Academy of Sciences and co-founder of Actronika, his legacy will be remembered for generations to come. What made Vincent such an exceptional scientist was not just his incredible intellect and engineering prowess, but also his optimism and passion to share his knowledge. He believed that technology should be accessible to everyone. Vincent's work in haptics was driven by empathy for those who had been left out of the digital revolution, and his contributions to the field have had a profound impact on the lives of many people.

Actronika, one of Vincent's proud creations, has become a leader in redefining how humans interact with digital technology. The company has developed haptic solutions capable of producing high-definition tactile effects that can be easily integrated into any device, from screens to VR accessories. The company has achieved several milestones in different industries by reintroducing touch as a key component of human-machine interactions, offering users exceptional multisensory experiences in the digital era. Actronika's achievements have been recognized through several national and international awards, including the Palme d'Or des Nouvelles Technologies (2022), its product became one of TIME's Best Inventions (2022), and a CES Innovation Award Honoree (2023).

During his years as co-founder at Actronika, Vincent not only materialized his knowledge into amazing technology, but he also imparted his knowledge on others. He had the opportunity to take Damien Faux, current R&D Director, under his wing. Together, they worked on the development of innovative haptic concepts, collaborated on European research projects, and supervised young researchers passionate about the field. Actronika became a place where Vincent could share his knowledge, foster innovation, and shape the future of haptics.

Following in Vincent's footsteps, our R&D director, Damien Faux, will honor and carry on his legacy at Actronika. Damien has been leading the R&D team since 2020, having received his M.Sc. in Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering in 2014 and his Ph.D. in Structural Dynamics, Microtechnologies, and Biomimetics in 2018. Like Vincent, Damien is driven by the same enthusiastic passion for haptics and is committed to continuing the development of innovative haptic applications and devices with the team at Actronika. 

For those who had the privilege of working with Vincent, he was not only a brilliant scientist but also a mentor, friend, and source of inspiration. 

Thank you Vincent - we will always remember you. 

Actronika Team

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