Actronika allows you to touch virtual worlds at VivaTech 2022

June 15, 2022
[Paris, 13/06/2022] Actronika, the company specialized in haptics, or the science of touch, is offering you the opportunity to touch the future by presenting its haptic vest Skinetic at the VivaTechnology event to be held in Paris from June 15 to 18. Once you wear it, this vest allows you to feel all the interactions in virtual worlds. 

The biggest European event dedicated to start-ups and tech is back! The 2022 edition of VivaTechnology promises a lot of innovations. Among them, is Actronika's haptic technology, which allows to easily integrate the sense of touch in human-machine interfaces.

The start-up has recently caught attention to itself by making virtual worlds acquire the sense of touch with its haptic vest Skinetic, which allows to feel the interactions happening in virtual reality. Until now, users in the metaverse were limited to the use of sight and sound, but today Skinetic allows you to physically interact with it. 

Imagine being able to feel the wind, the rain or anything in the virtual world... 

Equipped with 20 highly innovative patented motors, the vest is capable of reproducing in real-time a rich and infinite range of sensations localized over the entire torso.

The vest has been available for pre-order for a month on the website

A technology with multiple applications

Virtual reality is far from being the only field interested in this high-definition haptic technology. Actronika has just received the "Palme d'Or" in the field of new technologies 2022 with a French National Diploma of Merit and Prestige for the innovative character and the multiple applications that result from its technology: bone conduction of sound, interfaces and medical devices, automotive, retail, consumer electronics, military, and aerospace, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Come to touch and feel the virtual worlds and test Actronika's haptic technology on booth J59-012 from June 15 to 18, 2022 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.


About Actronika: Actronika is a startup that reproduces the sense of touch. Its work is based on more than 30 years of research by its co-founder Vincent Hayward, a member of the French Academy of Sciences for his pioneering work on haptics. 

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