Skinetic Creator's Edition Update 0.3

December 15, 2022
Creating immersive experiences with haptic feedback is a complicated process, and that's why we want to bring you a complete solution that makes this process an easy task with excellent and immediate results.

When designing the Skinetic vest, we developed an ecosystem that allows you to easily design and create high-definition haptic effects called Unitouch Studio.

Unitouch Studio is a complete software that makes the design and integration of haptic sensations a quick and easy task. Even if you are unfamiliar with haptic effect design, Unitouch Studio provides you with all the tools needed to extend your immersive projects with Skinetic and high-definition haptics: an extensive collection of 100+ tailored haptic sensations, which you can play with to assemble complex haptic patterns.

How to design and integrate immersive experiences?

This intuitive software provides you with different tools that ease the design of the experience. You can preview the sensations before working on them to ensure they suit your needs.

Once you start exploring and developing, you will have control in detail of the sensations to get the most authentic and immersive experience. You can manage the spatialization, sequence control, and intensity of each actuator on the vest and haptic sensation in your design. 

When you develop your experiences with Unitouch studio, you will be able to deliver content available for most brands of VR HMDs. When designing the software, we also focused on making it compatible with most devices and infrastructures that can be used today with virtual reality setups. 

Happy with your design? Now you can go ahead and export your design in a file and leave the rest to the Skinetic SDK imported into your project. The SDK will trigger a haptic effect based on the sensations designed and your in-game interactions.

That’s it! You are ready to enhance the immersion of your projects using the sense of touch.

Here is a sneak peek of your future partner in crime when developing immersive virtual experiences! 

Unitouch Studio
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