Discover the Haptics Club podcast with Actronika's co-founder and godfather of haptics, Vincent Hayward

By Isabel Trejos |
February 21, 2022
This February 4th, the Haptics Club invited Actronika's co-founder and current member of the French Academy of Sciences, Vincent Hayward to discuss the future of haptics for edition #18 of the podcast.

The Haptics Club podcast was created by a team of haptics enthusiasts including:

  • Ashley Huffman from Titan Haptics
  • Eric Vezzoli and Sarah Alkibsy from Interhaptics
  • Manuel Sainsily from Unity
  • Gijs den Butter from Senseglove

This dedicated team created this podcast intending to raise awareness of haptics technology and encourage interesting discussions with speakers from industry and academia in the field of haptics.  

For the 18th edition of the podcast, Actronika's co-founder and current member of the French Academy of Sciences, Vincent Hayward, was invited to discuss. Considered a pioneer in the field, Vincent has over 30 years of research, participating in numerous national and international projects along with high engineering productivity. He designed various devices to stimulate the skin that later lead to dozens of patents and the creation of the start-up Actronika in 2016, that offers haptic solutions capable of producing high-definition tactile sensations that can be integrated into any device.

For this interview, Vincent speaks about the evolution of haptics technology and the future of this discipline of touch.

If you want to learn more about this interesting research field, we invite you to watch this enriching interview with the godfather of haptics.

Here is the recoding of the podcast:

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