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Transforming digital interaction to tangible sensations

What is haptics?

When we touch an object, vibrations are propagated throughout our skin, allowing us to understand the nature of the surface of the object we interact with.

At the heart of our expertise is the ability to replicate these vibrations, creating authentic tactile sensations. Haptics translates digital interactions into tangible experiences. From the subtle vibration of your smartphone to the rich feedback in gaming.

Our technology, based on both software and hardware, is user-focused, offering intuitive solutions for businesses to easily integrate haptics into their products.

With Actronika, you're not just adopting a technology; you're enhancing interactions to deeply resonate with end-users.

User-centered Haptic Expertise

Our specialized haptic solutions are meticulously crafted to amplify user engagement.

With a design philosophy centered on the end-user, we ensure that each interaction is intuitive, resonant, and deeply satisfying.

Research & Development Partnership

Collaborate with our R&D team to align our haptic solutions with your brand's vision, crafting bespoke innovations tailored to your unique needs.

With a feedback-driven approach, we ensure refined outcomes to position your brand at the forefront of the market.

Innovative Hardware & Software

Empower your products with our cutting-edge vibrotactile technology.

Dive into the realm of high-definition tactile sensations and set new industry standards.

Pioneers in haptic innovation


At Actronika, we are at the forefront of haptic technology. We bridge digital and physical worlds, ensuring that your products deliver an unmatched sensory experience to your users.

Your product is unique, and our design reflects that. Our team of skilled designers crafts haptic feedback that complements the essence of your product. From subtle vibrations that give a touch of realism, to powerful pulses that make a statement, we can do it all.

We don't just design, we accompany you to bring your concepts to life. While partnering with our research and development team, we ensure that the haptic feedback is tailored to your vision and is seamlessly integrated into your product. Whether you're looking for a plug-and-play solution or a deeply customized approach, our engineers are up to the task.

Our Clients Know Best

Actronika's solution meets a major demand in the video game and immersive systems industry. At G.Lab and with our Gaming Campus students, we can finally develop games and gaming experiences that go beyond the keyboard and screen barrier. We're delighted to be working with Actronika to design the experiences of the future.
Alain Simac
Director, G. Tech

Working with Actronika's Skinetic alongside Magic Leap 2 has been a groundbreaking experience. The fusion of tactile feedback with AR has opened new horizons in immersive experiences. This collaboration has trully pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation.
Yoni Binstock
CTO, Atomic Digital Design
We are partnering with Actronika on the HMI of the car of the future.
Their disruptive technology makes Novares' innovations more intuitive and safer. We are so convinced about the future and interest in Actronika's technology that we have become a shareholder of the company.
Pierre-Olivier Beck
VP M&A and Venture Capital, Novares Group
The solution furnished by Actronika was reliable and answered perfectly our needs. The haptic effects was more than satisfying and really import for our client needs. Actronika was a strength of proposal on our subject, not only an executable.
Mathieu Guibert
Project Manager, Light & Shadows
We are collaborating with Actronika to revolutionize powered car seats by integrating haptic feedback into the seat's carter surface. This pioneering approach offers unprecedented comfort, aesthetics, and user-friendly controls. Actronika's expertise and proactive teamwork ensured the successful completion of this groundbreaking automotive seat project.
Cem Altun
Executive Board Representative, R&D and Sustainability Director, Martur Fompak International

Our Products

Actronika presents a cutting-edge suite of haptic products tailored for the digital age:

seamlessly blends design and integration, setting the gold standard for tactile feedback in your productions.

SkineticTM elevates VR and AR experiences, translating virtual actions into tangible sensations.

And for those venturing into haptics, our Development Kits offer tailored solutions, from beginner to expert.

With Actronika, experience the future of touch today.

Unitouch combines the capabilities of the Unitouch Studio and SDK to offer a comprehensive haptic solution. The Studio provides an intuitive authoring tool, catering to developers and creators looking to design tactile feedback for virtual environments. On the other hand, the SDK offers a robust library designed for easy integration of haptic feedback into applications. Together, they position Unitouch as a leading toolset for the development and deployment of advanced haptic experiences.

Skinetic is a state-of-the-art haptic vest designed specifically for VR and AR applications. Crafted with precision, it bridges the gap between the virtual and real worlds, allowing gamers to not just see or hear, but feel their in-game experiences. Whether it's the rush of a car's acceleration, the impact of a bullet, or the gentle flutter of wings, Skinetic makes it real.

Development Kits

Our range of haptic development kits is designed to cater to diverse needs, from beginners exploring the world of tactile feedback to seasoned developers and manufacturers aiming for seamless haptic integration. These kits offer varying levels of complexity and functionality, ensuring there's a solution for every haptic challenge.

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