What we do
Solutions for realistic haptics

Everything you need to create high-fidelity haptics

Actronika provides you with all the essential components for an optimal haptic user experience: software, hardware, integration and R&D.

Unitouch is Actronika's interactive haptic ecosystem tailored for the integration of realistic vibro-tactile haptics in next-generation hardware and software products.

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Unitouch Embedded

High-quality haptics integration in your product
- Low-latency haptic processing unit
- Real-time multi-channel haptic rendering
- Available as a blueprint or through custom integrations

Unitouch LIBRARY

A diverse collection of ready-to-use and modular haptic feedback effects.
Choose the right sensation for your product, even without prior knowledge of haptic technology

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Unitouch ENGINE

Runtime integration of our haptic solution for computer applications
- Generates haptic signals on-the-fly for compatible devices
- Developed in C++, available for Windows, Linux and MacOS
- Available as a plugin for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity

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Create and customize your own haptic experience
- Explore and fine tune the Unitouch Library content
- Export samples and synthesizers to be used within our haptic eco-system
- Preview your design on compatible devices

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HapCoil actuators

We bring to the market extremely innovative voice-coil motors, capable of providing a wide variety of tactile sensations.
Driven by a low resonant frequency, we deliver the best in class high-definition haptic effects.
Forget the basic ‘’buzz’’ of haptics! By using a wide bandwidth of frequencies from 10 Hz to 1000Hz, we help you discover a whole new side of the digital realm.
Provide your customers with a new way of interacting with human-machine interfaces, refine your branding by implementing highly recognizable effects and even design your own haptic signature.

Hapcoil one

The HapCoil One is the perfect fit for a large variety of devices: game-pads, joysticks, mice, screens and more.
Any device can feature a seamless haptic integration.

download hapcoil one datasheet

hapcoil plus

Our HapCoil Plus actuator provides even more powerful haptic feedback for large-scale integrations. Re-imagine your favorite movies in cinema seating, or feel the powerful recoil of a VR weapon.

download hapcoil plus datasheet

Engineering & integration services

Integrating haptics is not always straightforward.
With our multidisciplinary  expertise, we can help you design enhanced user interactions for your product, and accompany you on the mechanical, electronic or software integration.


Innovation is in our DNA.
Our patented technology is based on 30 years of research brought on board by our co-founder Vincent Hayward, who was elected in 2020 to the French Academy of Sciences for his pioneering research in haptics.
> Follow his works here.

We continue to innovate to bring new haptic experiences to our customers, in order to meet their needs and expectations.

Contact us to get a demo of our technology, to discuss how we can collaborate to add value to your project, or simply to share an idea with us.
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