Actronika launches on Kickstarter Clip'n Feel - the device that transforms the sound of your smartphone into tactile sensations

July 8, 2021
Deep into a new dimension of experiencing sounds on your smartphone! Connect your mobile and upgrade the way you experience games, music and movies.

One of the key senses which is often overlooked in our busy digital lives is the sense of touch. We have amazing surround sound and high resolution visuals, but the sense of touch is key to achieve a true immersive experience.

Our team has developed Clip'n Feel for passionate gamers, audiophiles and movie enthusiasts to adda new dimension in experiencing digital content. Highly immersive yet affordable, it gives a whole new meaning to how you interact with your content. Simply connect the device to your phone, open the Android application and voila! Feel the gunshots while you are in a Call of Duty battlefield, feel the spell of your favorite Wild Rift champion, or simply feel the bass drops in your favorite music.

What's more? No wires! Connect wireless devices of your choice to your phone and make your experiences even more immersive.

For whom?

Gamers: Mobile gaming will never feel the same when you get the crisp haptic feedback just like from a high end console. Feel every shot, every punch!

Music: Experience music like never before! Enjoy the feeling of being at a club or concert from just the comfort of your home. Connect to your device and feel every beat!

Film : Enjoy a 4D experience while watching movies from anywhere. Don't just watch each action-packed moment, now you can feel it too!

How does it work?

An integral part of the product is an advanced algorithm that retrieves essential data from the audio signal. It is based on detecting events such as explosions, triggers, beat drops, etc. Instead of feeling a continuous vibration, the user will experience a more selective tactile signal and low audible noise. In addition, the user has complete control of the intensity of the stimulation.

Once the data has been processed, Bluetooth Low Energy technology streams the haptic signals wirelessly. Compared to other devices, you can use your wireless headsets without any issue. Forget about buying a bluetooth splitter or a wired headset!

Once the device receives the haptic signals, it yields amazing tactile sensations that adds the sense of touch to your experiences. The module incorporates a vibrotactile motor that has the widest bandwidth in the market. This ensures your experience is not marred by annoying buzzing, but you feel rich haptic feedback.

With our Kickstarter campaign, we want to democratize multisensory experiences. We’re ready to jump into production; we need your help to make it happen. By supporting our project, you change the way people experience content on their mobile phones. YOU can revolutionize the sense of touch!

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