Actronika is looking for an intern in communication & marketing

By Marina Crifar |
February 23, 2021
Actronika is looking for an intern in communication & marketing to promote and support the launch of a new product: a haptic vest allowing the user to feel every interaction, but also his/her environment in virtual reality. 


Created in 2016, Actronika is a French startup specialized in haptics. Driven by technology and modern innovation, we are one of the leading companies in embedded haptic design. We work with global tech industry leaders to help them to develop their product interfaces by using vibrotactile feedback. With our client partners, we work on projects notably in the video games, virtual reality, automotive and mobile industries. Creating precise, targeted touch-based experiences in HMI interfaces like gaming controllers, steering wheels, VR vests or smartphone screens allows us to re-incorporate this essential sense into our increasingly digitized daily life.

We are a team of gamers, robotics experts, tech fanatics, continuous learners, music enthusiasts…

The diversity, passion and dynamism of Actronika's team members make it all happen.

Role and missions

You will be part of a dynamic and enthusiastic team, developing an innovative product for international markets. You will be heavily involved in the product brand management and the preparation of the crowdfunding campaign.

You will assist the Communications Manager with the following missions:

  • Helping with the branding of the haptic vest
  • Preparing the crowdfunding campaign
  • Work closely with the sales and technical teams to define an effective marketing strategy for the commercialization of the jacket: storytelling, unique selling proposition, target...
  • Set up and manage social media to develop a strong community
  • Develop partnerships with influencers
  • Manage press and media relations
  •  Create content for the haptic vest website
  • Realize communication mediums
  • Assist in the organization of events


  • You speak English fluently (it is mandatory for this internship! Most of your work will be in English).
  • You are creative, an excellent writer and a champion speller.
  • You are versatile, organized, autonomous and rigorous.
  • You have some basics in graphic design.
  • If you are a gaming enthusiast or a gamer yourself, this is a BIG plus!
  • Video skills and fluency in a third language would also be appreciated.

Internship duration

We are looking for an intern for 6 months from March or April.


Paris 19, Rosa Parks

If you feel up to the challenge, feel free to send your resume to : 

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