Actronika raises 1,2 million € to develop haptic in the virtual worlds

Founded in 2015 by gilles Meyer, Rafal Pijewski and Vincent Hayward, Actronika just raised 1.2 million euros. The young seed is developping a solution enabling the simulation of touch in a virtual environment.

Going through the Parisian public incubator Agoranov, Actornika develops a haptic solution dedicated to the medical industry, the virtual reality and games industry. Actronika develops the sense of touch thanks to microvibrations, allowing so the user feels the physical contact on manipulation of virtual objects. The start-up announce today their first round of 1.2 million euros, funded by Quadrivium 1, holded by Seventure Partners.

The fund raise will give Actronika the ability to finance its development activities, the industrialization of the actuator and the final stage of software development, as well as the the set up with industrial partners for the launch on the market of the product and the signature of the first contracts.

“After a Proof of Concept phase in which we are able to prove the viability of our technology, define our first offer and elaborate our business model, this fund raising will allow us to tackle opportunities in a very dynamic market.”

Gilles Meyers, Co-founder of Actronika

The company, composed by 4 people today, will hire 6 more by the end of 2016. On the commercial side, “the objective is more to make a first portfolio of specialized clients (more or less 10), without any prejudice on the turnover of these clients, allowing us to have a more refined idea of the overall market size for the development phase that will following the seeding phase.”, explain the startup.

by Iris Maignan