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We deliver HD Haptics feedback into any HMI by providing one unified platform from hardware to software. Our technology can be integrated from scratch or seamlessly fit into an existing prototype.

We provide HMI industries the three essential components for the best haptic feedback:

  • A highly modular firmware for HD Haptics effect design, creation, and integration: Unitouch
  • The necessary electronic components for HD haptic rendering: Tactronik
  • Our HD Class Haptic Actuators

- Engine for HD Haptic effects design, creation, and integration

Unitouch Firmware is Actronika’s creation for designers. Unitouch is the unified platform for touch brought to you by Actronika to allow any designer to imagine, create, select, and play high definition effects.

Unitouch Engine is our core software and the go-to creative tool for haptic rendering design and integration.
It includes a HD Haptic Library of Effects that empowers product designers with complete freedom over customization. Transferrable across a wide variety of applications, these pre-designed tactile effects enable you to choose the right sensation for your desired product experience without prior haptic knowledge.

UI Feedback
Click, double-click, patterns
Autonomous Vehicle Assistance
Emergency brake, lane departure, approaching object
Gestural Input
Zoom, swipe, scroll
Network Effects
Motion simulation, massage, complex rendering
Generic qualities, materials, garments
Digital Environment
Rain, ground simulation, shocks
Social touch
Caress, poke, squeeze
Magical Effects
Auras, spells, telekinesis

Tactronik - Electronics

A powerful haptic processing unit distributes sensory designs to the connected actuators, unleashing endless possibilities of high-definition sensations. It can simultaneously control up to 20 actuators, with access to the full HD Library and enables complex network effects and full-body sensations.

HD Class Haptic Actuators

- Hardware

Proprietary voice coil technology

Voice coil actuators (VCA) are haptic actuators that transmit tactile stimuli through electromagnetic force. A central magnetic field is created by permanent magnets, surrounded by a coil which acts as a conductor.

Actronika's HD Class Haptic Actuators have a large bandwidth spanning 10Hz to 800Hz, which covers 95% of the vibration frequencies that our skin can feel. These actuators are able to perform high definition haptic effects by  reproducing the same vibrations our skin detects when in contact with any real object or surface.

Actronika’s actuators have a 90 million cycle lifespan (of the single click effect). The Automotive Industry Standard is 120 thousand cycle lifespan.

HD Class Haptic Actuators are ready for complex renderings of touch and our lineup makes it easy to integrate HD Haptics into practially any size or shape of human-machine interface.
Today, Actronika provides 5 designs, 2 of which are available in large volumes.

Discover them below :

HFBA 9532 Actuator

HFBA 3032 Actuator

Mid Sized Voice-Coil: Standard
Form factor: 9.5mm x 32mm x 9.5mm

Small Sized Voice-Coil: Flat
Form factor: 2.5mm x 30mm x 10mm

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