Actronika is looking for an embedded systems engineer.

You will be part of our team and will be truly asked to take part into the creation of our haptic platform.



Principal Sector                                                          Contract Type      

Research & Development for haptic solutions                     Permanent contract

Job title                                                                        Status      

Engineer embedded systems                                                        Engineer    30-41 K€/y


Full-Time Job         

Your Job:

  • Creation of the platform on microcontroler
  • Core engine
  • Driver for peripheral communication
  • Communication API’s
  • Creation of a haptic library
  • Implementing theritical algorithms in the source code
  • Settings of haptics effects
  • Optimization of haptics effects

Your Profile:

  • Graduated from an Engineering School (Master Degree at least) with skills in embedded systems.
  • You master the C/C++ languages
  • You have deep knowledge of microcontroler architecture ( at least ARM and AVR)
  • You know how to use external peripherals (external memory, sensors, etc)
  • You know the following protocols : SPI, I2C, UART and CAN
  • You are familiar with git and Linux

Send your CV and cover letter at  :